June 2018 Newsletter


On Going Events

Tuesday evenings 4 - 6 - Pistol Shooting

Wednesday evening - Boy Scout of America (except during school breaks)

Thursday evening - Archery

Events during Summer

May 17th – Federation Meeting – Alex McDonald Club

June 12 – 9 AM – 6PM – Plein Air Painters – Ranges closed
June 13 – Rental 3 PM – 7 PM – Ranges closed
June 14 – 8am – 4 pm – SL Police Dept Training
June 17 – Free Father’s Day Kids Fishing Derby – Lake Colby 8 am - noon
June 20 & June 21 - 8am – 4 pm – SL Police Dept Training
June 21st – Franklin County Federation of Fish & Game Clubs – Tupper Lake
June 23 – Day Rental – Ranges closed after 11 am
June 24 – Day Rental – Ranges closed after 11am
June 24 – River Clean Up – Trash pickup after 5 pm – outdoor range closed
July 11th – Board Meeting
July 12th – All Member Meeting
July 19th – Franklin County Federation of Fish & Game Clubs – Chateaugay
July 20 – Bow Hunter Safety Course 4 – 10 pm – Ranges Closed
July 21 – Bow Hunter Safety Course 7 am – 2 pm – Ranges Closed
July 28 & 29 – Summer Gun Show – Set up Friday 27 – indoor ranges closed 3pm

Welcome the following new members: Stacey Annis & Family, William Conley, Ryan Dean And Family, Caroline Hambley, Guy J. Hayward & Family, Mary Woodcock Johnson, Lynn Martin, John Mcgrath, Kenneth Mclaughlin & Family, Nick Melt, Elias V. Pelletieri, Matt Raymond, Vincent Wilcox, Christopher W. Wiley, Matthew Wormell.

New Membership Level: The Board has added a new membership level. We welcome local College Students at $30.00. If you know of a student, please have them complete an application indicating the are a college student. Apps can be obtained on line at The SLFGC is now hosting an alternative shooting sport that should appeal to many of you who are looking for a new challenge. Our newly established Archery Training program is open to youngsters and adults 12 years old and up. At this point in time, the group is comprised of mostly adults and the majority are female. Archery is an “equal opportunity” sport. You don’t have to be strong to become an accomplished archer. This course is currently designed to target entry level individuals who would like to learn how to shoot various configurations of archery bows. The training includes classroom style discussions, occasional video presentations and hands-on practice shooting in the indoor and outdoor ranges. A number of bows and matching arrows are currently available for shared use by the students. The club’s liability insurance currently limits participants to age 12 and above. Membership in the SLFGC is required and a small weekly fee will be used to purchase targets and other necessary supplies to help support the program. Thursday evenings are set aside for indoor and outside archery activities. Please stop by the club and check it out. Archery activities are usually underway on Thursdays from about 5pm to 8pm. For more info contact: Charlie Marshall SLFGCARCHERY@GMAIL.COM

Franklin County Federation of Fish & Game Clubs: Invites all members to attend the meetings. Current projects include giving the Fair Building a face lift.

July Gun Show: This event is coming soon. Please consider volunteering some time to assist in making the event successful. Overnight security Friday and Saturday is now set up. However volunteers are needed for: Door entry Saturday and Sunday; 50/50 raffle Saturday and Sunday; Set up Friday afternoon; and clean up Sunday afternoon. You don’t need to be there all day long on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact Matt or Theresa. Do you want to utilize your cooking skills? You could do Breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday with simple menus.

10 Gun Raffle: Tickets are available. We will be sending them with this newsletter. Please support your club, purchase or sell your tickets and send them in. If you would like 20 or more, please contact Theresa.

We are looking for someone to be the event coordinator. This person(s) keeps the events calendar, books events and sets up prior to the event and checks facilities after. At this time I cannot commit to the set up and check facilities. I work until 6:30 and events start at 7:00. This does not leave enough time to do the things that need to be done. Mid-week events, I cannot do at all. Please call Theresa for more information. Keep in mind this is another source of income. Without the income, there is a possibility that dues will go up.

As Always – If you have feedback, please contact one of us. This is your club. We represent you. If we don’t hear anything, we can only believe you are satisfied. Help us make it better. Talk to us or come to a meeting.

Important Contact Info:

President - Dustin Martin - - 518-207-7283
Vice President - Steve Buzzell - 518-891-1000
Treasurer - Theresa Trudell - - 518 891 4505
Secretary - Tom Cleator - 603-832-3488
Membership - Claude Premo - - 518 891 3580
Board Member - Walt Kellam - - 518 523 6736
Board Member - Al Fuller - No e-mail - 518 201 4018
Board Member - Leon Fredericks - - 518 523 1174
Board Member - Kenneth Casler 518-891-1078
Board Member - Dick Mose 518-891-3987

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