August 2018 Newsletter


On Going Events

Monday evenings: 4 – 7pm. 22 Caliber Sporter Rifle Shooting

Tuesday evenings: 4 – 6pm. Pistol Shooting

Thursday evening: 4 - 7pm. Archery


August 11 & 12 – SLFG Presents at the Malone Fair

August 16 – Federation Meeting – Malone

August 17 – Plein Air Painters – ranges closed 9 – 2

AAugust 17 – 19 – Tupper Lake Flea Market

August 25 – 10 – Gun Raffle Day

August 27 – 31 – Court Officers – ranges closed 8 - 3

September 4 – Board Meeting

September 5 – All member meeting, yes this means you!

September 15 – Rental Ranges closed 7PM 14th to Noon 16th

September 22 – Annual Federation Meeting - Deer Velley Trails

September 28 – Hunter safety 6PM - 10PM

September 29 – Hunter Safety 9AM - 3PM

Malone Fair - Our club will be hosts for the Franklin County Federation of Fish & Game Clubs on Saturday and Sunday August 11 & 12. We have volunteers on Saturday, but need a couple of persons for Sunday. Please give me a call 518-524-2160 or email I will be there the whole day, and would appreciate not having to “lock up” just to go pee!

Tupper Lake Flea Market - Another way to sell 10 Gun tickets. Anyone who spends time there will get credit for selling tickets. SELL 20 GET 1 FREE! Dick Mose will set up Friday morning August 17. We start selling tickets about 10AM and go until 6 or 7 pm. Saturday 9 am to 6 or 7 pm. Sunday 9 am to 2PM – Then take down of the tent. There is no entry fee, so you can come and spend a little time at our tent, spend some time checking out the vendors, get some “fair food”. I know the forecast is scattered Thunder Storms, but you know how fast that can change. We have to use every opportunity to get our tickets sold to make this fund raiser successful.

10 Gun Raffle - Tickets are available and can be purchased right through Saturday till 2pm. This is my last "nag". Our fund raisers have not been meeting the needed income. Help out our bottom line – reach out and sell those tickets. Come to the picnic, participate with the 50/50’s and the Chinese Auction. I have had some members indicate they will be able to help out. Why not make the burden less for each there. Come down and give a little bit of time. 10 AM is a great time to come for the set up work. Noon is good to help for people arriving and getting the food out for 2PM. Do you live near Tupper? Food has to be picked up Saturday morning. How about a trip to Plattsburgh Thursday or Friday? Sam’s club pickup needs to be done and a quick stop at Pray’s Farmers Market. You’ll need a pickup or good sized SUV. The beverages, chips, paper products, some salads, cases of onions/peppers, buns, and assorted small items are on the list. I do the on line order, so you just need our check(s) to pay for it all.

Federation meeting - will be held at Deer Valley Trails. This is the annual meeting where the officers are voted in. It is a nice time and all are welcome. Report of the outcome will be reported in October newsletter.

Report of the Gun Show held July 28 & 29. Netted about $900.00. As we didn’t have a January event, this amount does not meet income brought in during 2017.

As Always – If you have feedback, please contact one of us. This is your club, we represent you. If we don’t hear anything, we can only believe you are happy. Help us make it better, talk to us or come to a meeting.

Important Contact Info:

President - Dustin Martin - - 518-207-7283
Vice President - Steve Buzzell - 518-891-1000
Treasurer - Theresa Trudell - - 518 891 4505
Secretary - Tom Cleator - 603-832-3488
Membership - Claude Premo - - 518 891 3580
Board Member - Walt Kellam - - 518 523 6736
Board Member – Matt Glaude 518-637-7983
Board Member - Al Fuller - No e-mail - 518 201 4018
Board Member - Leon Fredericks - - 518 523 1174
Board Member - Kenneth Casler 518-891-1078
Board Member - Dick Mose 518-891-3987

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