July 10, 11, & 12th Club Rented

July 16th Franklin County Federation Meeting @ the Club: Meal at 6:00 pm Meeting at 7:00 pm

July 18th and 19th July Gun Show

July 25th New York State Conservation Council Region 5 meeting starts at 1:00 pm

August 3rd, 4th and 5th Hunter Safety Course, 4:00 pm � 10:00 pm Ranges Closed at 4: 00 pm.

August 5th Board Meeting meets at 7: 00 pm

August 6th Regular Meeting meets at 7:00 pm

August 8th Club Rented

August 10th and 11th Saranac Lake Fish and Game Club hosts at the Malone Fair Conservation Building.

August 14th, 15th and 16th Tupper Lake Flea Market, We sell our 10 Gun Raffle Tickets there

August 15th Club Rented

August 20th Franklin County Federation Meeting

August 21st: Plein Air to paint at the club SET UP DAY FOR THE 10 GUN RAFFLE AND PICNIC

August 22nd: 10 Gun Raffle and Picnic

Sept 2nd Board Meeting 7:00 pm

Sept 3rd Regular Members Meeting 7:00 pm

September: Sporter Rifle will be starting about the middle of the month stay tuned for more information

Presidents Corner:

Thank you to all the members that showed up on the work day. Thank you for all the members that helped run the Fathers Day Fishing Derby. We would not be able to do what we do without the dedication of the very few members that show up and help all the time. You know who you are!!!!! For those of you that don�t help, would you please think about giving a few hours for our events? Some of you don�t even live up here, so helping out isn�t feasible for you, but for the ones that live in this area, we need your help.

The July gun Show is coming up and we need people to stay at the club over night to be security guards. We need people to help run the ticket booths for both Sat and Sun. Even if you can give 2 hours it would help. Please contact myself or Dan Ruchkin (891-0531), Gun Show Chairman.

August 10th and 11th the Saranac Lake Fish and Game Club has the Conservation Building at the Malone Fair Grounds, we need people to work there. You get into the fair for free. This year there will be a stuffed Sturgeon on display. All you do is sell tickets and answer questions about hunting and fishing, and chat with old friends and make new ones. Contact me about working that and the hours, if we get enough people you would only have to work a 4 hour day.

And in August is the Tupper Lake Flea Market where we have a table and sell tickets, for every 20 tickets you sell you get a free one. Also is August is our 10 Gun Raffle and Picnic, again we need people to help make the food on Fri (see calendar) and set up and take down on Sat as well as help out.

This is your club, it needs your help. The Board has tossed around the idea of charging dues based on how much help you give to the club for the events. Other clubs do it and it works very well for them. We need to see other younger members helping out at events, please contact me if you want to know more about the different events and how you can help.

10 Gun Raffle: Keep selling tickets, for every 20 you sell you get a free one. Contact Theresa Trudell for tickets.

Trap Shooting:

It is going quite will with the amount of rainy days we have had. Trap is on Thurs evenings and Sun. afternoons. Contact Ralf Hartmann (420-2424) for more information. If you don�t know how to shoot, call Ralf he will teach you, it is great aggression therapy.


The club is in need of a Rental Chairman. Thank you Theresa for all the years you have being doing the rentals!!!The Rental Chairman is in charge of rentals and sets them up. Anyone interested can contact me or any board member.

July Gun Show:

There are still a few tables available for this club members that want to sell their excess hunting/camping/fishing/sportsman related items contact Dan Ruchkin 891-0531 to reserve a table, they are going fast!!!

A Blast from the Past:

Good Old Boys Fishing Derby

Some years ago the Saranac Lake Fish and Game Club members were sitting around the clubhouse looking for something to do. We had heard about all about those big fishing tournaments around the country and decided that we might try to have our own just for fun. We decided that Moose Pond would be a good place to have our little tournament. It is a fairly small pond with easy access and has some decent fish in it. Off the beaten path, we would have it mostly to our selves.

The following Saturday we gathered at the launch. As it turned out there was only ten of us and we decided to each toss in a dollar, so the jack pot for the winner was a whopping $10.00! We would decide the winner by keeping the fish and heaviest fish would take the grand prize. With winning thoughts we all loaded our canoes and prams and spread out across the pond. I had talked my wife, Pat, into being my partner and it was not long before she hooked into a nice Large Mouth Bass. .She was excited fighting the fish for all she was worth and I handled the net just right and landed her Bass. It was difficult to tell her that bass season had not opened yet but she petted the fish before she slipped it back in the water.

Boat No. 2 had Dick Mose and George Farrell in it and they drifted into a reedy area of the pond. About forty five minutes later, they came out with big smiles on their faces and as they passed by our boat, George held up a Lake Trout on their stringer! Boy, I can still see that fish when I shut my eyes and think about it. It was about a 7 pound fish, the biggest I had ever seen in that pond.

Boat No. 3 was manned by Joe Spadaro and Skip Green. Both fellows were experts at taking lake trout and had caught a nice 3 lb. Laker just as Mose and Farrell passed their boat and lifted their monster. Joe and Skip shook their heads and released the two pounder back into the water.

Boat No. 4 was handled by Charlie Post but I don't remember who his partner was, they had caught a few small Sun Fish that they were going to take home and toss in the frying pan.

Boat No 5 could not catch any thing and were so inapt they didn't want to be mentioned for fear of loosing their reputation of being great fishermen.

At the end of the day, Pat and I came back to the landing and everyone had already headed for home. I was in charge of the jackpot and so when we got back to our house, I had to call the other fisherman find out the weights of each fish and determine who would get the first prize.

My first call was to Farrell, as I had seen the big Laker and figured that it took the prize. Farrell started to laugh and said they did not win it. "Why?" I inquired, "Who got a bigger one than yours?" "Well Bob, you didn't ask who caught it and we didn't tell, however, we found it floating dead in the reeds and we wanted you to think we caught it!"

Next I phoned Joe Spadaro, only to find out that they threw their Laker back and didn't officially weigh it when they saw George and Dick's 7 lb'er. Spadaro said to me, "Pat, your wife, won it with her Bass." "No she did not" I replied. "Bass season is not open yet." Joe replied, "DEC is trying to eliminate bass in that lake and you can catch and keep them all year, because of special regulations." "She can�t.� I replied, I made her toss it back. She will kill me!"

I finally put the phone down and got in the car and went to Charlie Post's house. Knocked on the door and said "Here is your ten dollars, Charlie, your Sun Fish was the winner, everybody was disqualified!"

I made up a plaque for Charlie and we had a presentation later that year at a club meeting. Charlie left us a few years ago, but lives on in my fishing memories, as we fished together a lot over the years. His widow dropped off the plaque to me, asking if I wanted it. I sure do.

Thank you Bob Brown for that wonderful story!!!!

How to Reach us:

Pres.: Cecilia Martin 518-201-4009

V. Pres.: Jim Jones 518-891- 4586

Sec.: Theresa Trudell 518-891-4505

Treas.: Ralf Hartmann 518-420-2424

Membership Secretary: Claude Premo 518-891-3580

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